Love Island LIVE: Sam dates surfer Laura Crane after dramatic split with Georgia

Another day of intense Brexit negotiations, President Donald Trump speaking out about Russian election meddling, most importantly, Love Island.

After Monday’s dramatic episode saw Ellie and Charlie evicted and Sam and Georgia forced to split, no one was really sure what to expect of tonight. Would Sam and Georgia really break up? (Yes.) Would the new women tempt any of the old men away? (Yes.) Would Dr Alex get even more sun burnt? (Yes.)

The main focus tonight was all on Jack and Laura, not to be confused with new Islander, professional surfer Laura Crane. After the arrival of two new scantily clad women, Jack seemed to lose faith in his permanently angry partner.

With the other contestants spreading rumours and stirring trouble, Jack was finally swayed by new girl Stephanie. Taking Old Laura (not a comment on her age, I hasten to add) to the exact same spot where Wes dumped her, he sat her down for a classic Love Island chat.

Sitting in Dump Corner (an unfortunate name that we’re going to stick with), Jack broke the news to a quivering Laura that it was over. Taking it like an absolute champ, Jack strolled off into the sunset – presumably to find out what Stephanie was up to – leaving Laura alone once again.

We’re now left with an awful lot of singletons, which can only mean it’s going to be a dramatic week in the villa.

Love Island Georgia doesn’t know what a carpenter is

You can catch up with everything that went on in the episode as it happened below.

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And there we have it. Another day in the villa done, and another couple crumbled under the pressure. That leaves us with a very single-looking set of Islanders, which can only mean it’s going to be a dramatic week. Thanks for following and see you tomorrow for our latest take on Love Island.

Here’s a tip Laura, maybe don’t go to that corner anymore?

Once again Laura has been dumped. In literally the same spot.

With false apologies and meagre hugging, Jack has done it. He has broken up with Laura and walked away

Sitting her down in Dump Corner (an unfortunate name, but we’re sticking with it), Jack tells Laura he “can’t see it working” outside the villa

This is all just too much. Jack has taken Laura for a chat to the same spot where Wes dumped her all those years days ago.

It seems Wes, Josh and the army of stunning women have weasled their way into Jack’s head. The sad music is making us think it may well be curtains for Jack and Laura…

And now we’re back to the main show folks. France vs Croatia, McGregor vs Mayweather. Jack vs Laura.

Female Alex: “I just have a vibe that something is going on.” Good spidey-senses there, Alex.

And it’s all spiralling out of control for Alex and Alex (but they had the same name, surely it was meant to be?). Dr Alex has basically admitted to Alexandra that he is interested in other girls. I mean, sure he hasn’t said it in those words, but that’s pretty coincidental timing saying how you want to slow things down just as you’ve been snuggling up flirting about ski poles and chalets with New Laura.

It looks like we have a new Love Island Triangle, classic. Sam, already over his alleged heartbreak, is keen on New Laura. However Dr Alex, despite being in what we thought was a deliriously happy couple, is also keen on the professional surfer.
Permanently red, permanently sweaty Dr Alex is doing his best to put Sam off, but to no avail…

Like tanned, perfectly toned vultures, our newbies are already pouncing on Sam and Georgia. So much for closure, eh?

Wes tells Jack to not “waste your time” on Laura

We see what you’re doing here Jack. Keeping Laura sweet while cracking on with new women. Luckily you’re dating the most volatile woman in that villa and she will not stand for your s***

SHOCK HORROR. Jack has told Laura that the other girls “are nice”. Red. Rag. Bull.

We can only assume Laura is trying to make Jack jealous by telling him about the Paul saga, but little does she know he’s been getting rather close to Samantha (that’s the name of the new woman. If only these people had enough clothes on to wear name tags…)

So we have it, Georgia is admitting things are done with Sam now. Jack is interested in dating other women. It’s all coming tumbling down on the villa of sunburn and chafing.

Georgia and Dani make up after last night’s heated row

We spoke to soon Love Island fans. Laura insists she’s not interested in New Paul (clearly she didn’t hear about the Britney thing) and is taking out her rage at being in a clearly miserable relationship on Dani. You leave Dani Dyer alone!

Fun fact, New Paul was in a Britney Spears video.

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