Cardi B And Bruno Mars Sample Jodeci For Steamy Duet ‘Please Me’

Cardi B and Bruno Mars collaborated last year on “Finesse (Remix)” and showcased how their opposing styles – her direct, bouncy punchlines and his stirring, slicing vocals – connected together flawlessly. The pair have now released a follow-up duet, “Please Me.” Instead of retreading “Finesse (Remix)”‘s jubilant ground, their new duet acts like a sexy spiritual sequel that deals in terms of lust. Take a listen to the track below.

It’s immediately clear what’s going on from the moment that the steamy production of “Please Me” begins. The tune sample’s Jodeci‘s sensual 1995 hit “Freek’N You,” an essential tune to score anyone’s bedroom olympics. Similarly, “Please Me” travels to the bedroom, but takes place before anything happens. Cardi and Bruno are two characters; Cardi’s the sexy siren, teasing her partner with her moves, figure, and promises of things to come, and Bruno’s on the receiving end of this sexual punishment, with the promise of imminent intimacy driving him crazy with anticipation. While Cardi breaks down an itinerary of the coming events if she decides to let him sample what’s on the chef’s menu, Bruno turns into the human heart-eyed emoji, pleading for carnal activity.

Cardi B had one heck of a night at the 61st Grammy Awards last weekend, making history as the first solo female Rap Album Grammy winner for Invasion of Privacy (she later shared the accolade with the late Mac Miller) and giving one of the night’s most energetic performances of her 2018 tune “Money.”

Cardi and Bruno’s new duet comes after the release of “Money” in October and the brief snippet of a new song she shared on Instagram in December. These could be the bread crumbs leading us to the grand prize – another solo LP.


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