Cramer’s game plan: In a controversial week, leave room for strategy

Darden: A day “full of controversy” will begin with an earnings report from Darden Restaurants, the parent of Olive Garden. A self-proclaimed Olive Garden fan, Cramer patted himself on the back for telling investors to buy Darden’s stock when it sank to $84 after a not-so-hot quarter.

“It’s now at $119,” he said. “While the odds favor a better quarter like we had last time, I don’t want to be greedy. If you don’t own any of this high-quality domestic chain, you have my blessing to buy a little, but you sure aren’t early to dinner here.”

Thor Industries: RV maker Thor will also issue its earnings report, and it “has seen its stock go ice cold after a tremendous run,” Cramer said.

“You can bet they’ll have a good quarter, but I actually sweat the small stuff here, namely the rising cost of steel and aluminum because of tariffs,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Thor’s too hard to call.”

Micron: The company behind the hotly contested stock of Micron will also report its quarterly results. Shares of the semiconductor maker popped on Thursday after investor David Tepper told CNBC that he is “very, very long” Micron’s stock.

“Micron’s a tough one because I think the quarter’s going to be good, but the outlook, I predict, will be murky,” Cramer warned.

“If they don’t guide down, though, then Tepper will look like a genius,” he continued. “However, if Micron cuts its forecast, which is what the price-to-earnings multiple that’s so low is signaling, I still think the stock goes lower. There is, though, a huge short position down here at $44. Once again, too much of a battleground.”

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