Cramer’s game plan: Keep an eye on consumer data amid earnings windfall

Marriott: Shares of the massive hotel operator are down for the year, but Cramer thinks Marriott could surprise with its earnings report, despite the stock price’s recent movement.

“This is the premier operator. It could put up some really good numbers,” he said. “I like it ahead of the quarter.”

Zillow: This online real estate player will also report on Monday, and Cramer is impressed by the company’s prospects despite the pressures facing its industry.

“Every other stock that’s connected to housing has been bruised badly here thanks to a lack of inventory and, of course, rising mortgage rates,” Cramer said. “But I think Zillow may have enough differentiated new product out there that it can triumph over these constraining issues.”

Etsy: Etsy, the e-commerce kingpin for handmade goods, will also issue its earnings report on Monday.

“I know Etsy’s had quite a run, but its market cap is only $5 billion and that might be too small for the opportunity and for the total addressable market,” Cramer said. “Etsy just might be the anti-Amazon: the company that unites crafts people worldwide as a curated place to sell their wares. I’d buy some both before the quarter and after if it pulls back.”

Andeavor: This under-the-radar oil refining play could deliver “the biggest upside surprise of the week” with its earnings report, Cramer said.

On a path to merge with Cramer-fave Marathon Petroleum, Andeavor will help the combined company win on cost vis-a-vis its competitors, the “Mad Money” host explained.

“This new company sits in the middle of the most lucrative part of the entire oil patch, buying crude at low prices in places that are landlocked without enough pipeline infrastructure, and then refining it and marking it up for the same prices that other refiners get, when … these guys have the lowest input costs,” he said. “This is the best of the bunch.”

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