Google wants to replace your password routine with a tiny device that plugs into your computer

Google will soon begin selling a plug-in security key meant to help replace using only passwords for logging into computers, an effective solution to the pervasive problem of phishing attacks, according to the company.

Google did not announce pricing for the device, but similar gadgets sell for at least $20.

Google has been using the security keys internally in conjunction with password logins for all of its employees, a spokesperson said. The result has been a total fall-off in account takeovers from phishing, or the practice of tricking someone into giving their password away via a link that looks legitimate.

“We have had no reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing [the] security keys,” the spokesperson said.

That’s a compelling use case, as companies are trying to find a cure for an epidemic of successful, fraudulent phishing attacks by email.

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