Stormy Daniels announces book with ‘full disclosure’ of Trump affair to be released in October

Stormy Daniels has announced she is writing an autobiographical book titled Full Disclosure that includes details of her alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

The adult film star, who claims to have had a months-long affair with the president starting in 2006, said her book would be released in October of this year.

“It’s going to be a long three weeks before the book comes out for Donald Trump,” her attorney, Michael Avenatti, said in an appearance on The View on Wednesday.

Mr Trump has denied ever having an affair with Ms Daniels. But his former attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty last month to campaign finance violations stemming from a hush-money payment he made to the actress shortly before the election.

In a court hearing, Mr Cohen said the president directed him to pay off both Ms Daniels and another woman who claimed to have had an affair with him. Mr Trump has said he was not aware of the payments until after they were made.

Ms Daniels rose to national prominence after suing the president to break the non-disclosure agreement that Mr Cohen brokered before the election. The book announcement came on the heels of a court filing in which Mr Trump’s attorneys said they did not plan on enforcing the agreement after all. 

St Martin’s Press confirmed in a statement that they would be publishing Full Disclosure, which will be released on 2 October, adding that the book would chronicle Ms Daniels’s journey “from a rough childhood in Louisiana onto the national stage, and the events that led to the nondisclosure agreement and the behind-the-scenes attempts to intimidate her”.

“I own my story and the choices I made,” the publisher cites her as writing. “They may not be the ones you would have made, but I stand by them.”

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The actress said she was motivated to write the book in part by her experience in previous interviews, where she felt she was not able to tell the full story of her affair and ensuing court case.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to write everything and include it — and people can think what they want to about me, but at least it’s the truth’,” she said on Wednesday.

Ms Daniels has previously said she felt vindicated by Mr Cohen’s guilty plea, in which he admitted to violating campaign finance law at the president’s direction “for the principal purpose of influencing the election”.

“How ya like me now?” she tweeted after Mr Cohen’s hearing in August.

On Wednesday, she opened up slightly about the experience, saying she “broke down into sobs” after hearing the news.

“I didn’t realise how much pressure I had felt,” she added. “…To be called a liar and not believed for months and months, it had taken its toll.” 

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